Free Range Fellowship presents:

d. j. Venus Navigator

"put it in your mouth"


Venus Navigator emerged from resins crusted on a Sly record excavated from a bin in a St. Vincent's thrift store in southern Idaho.    

Venus Navigator has a wicked lust for dub disco and acid house.

Venus Navigator remakes soul, jazz, spoken word, and indigenous music into marching songs for clubs, raves, art installations, and direct actions.




Rave, Dance, and Religion [+]

Rave and Political Resistance [+]

Book Review Essay: Generation Ecstasy and Clubbing: Dance, Vitality, and Ecstasy [+]


Interpretations of the Obelisk [+]

Remix of See Line Woman [+]

Archae-urban Soundbyte [+]

DJ as Archaeologist [+]


d j  - remixes - guerilla theatre
Current Project


Venus Navigator in an incarnation of the Patron Saint of Techno

digital dance, found sound, indigenous translations 

Digital Dance Culture [+]

Home [+]

Photo with Favorite DJ (and sister), Ms. Sapphire [+]