Each image of Chris on this page is taken from one of the films mentioned on the right. 

           : : :  I am a member of the Columbia Lake Indian Band of the Kootenai Nation who has been working within various First Nations heritage resource management programs for a decade. These projects range from the design and assembly of interpretive exhibits for museums and tourism centers to the systematic implementation of traditional land use and occupation studies for the design and delivery of culturally appropriate media driven college coursework.  

               The ultimate goal is to incorporate contemporary digital media into native peoples' efforts to preserve and restore traditional methods of generational intellectual longevity. I am currently serving overseas with the United States Army as a reconnaissance scout for the Cavalry.  Upon my return to civilian life, I will continuing to document my ever-changing life and the unwavering traditions of my family : : :

 Christopher Horsethief      film producer


Recent and ongoing films:  

"Yaqawiswitxuki - Where the Glaciers Are" Kootenai people in Glacier National Park -- community discussion of 5 Kootenai placenames in Glacier National Park

"The Blood and the Veins" The Kootenay River and Its People -- American and Canadian Ktunaxa elders' recollections of the Kootenay River

Chicken Among Men..and other Under-appreciated Wardance Traditions -- detailing several elusive aspects of respect, tradition, and remembrance among Pow Wow dancers

 3 1 2 D O D -- one soldier's month-long preparation for Basic Combat and Advanced Individual Training with the U.S. Army