The Center for Landscape & Artefact is a non-profit organization devoted to fusing new media and anthropology. 

We are committed to an exchange of  approaches to material culture, media, and the experience of place. 


 American West [+]

Cuba [+]

European Metropoli [+]


the Obelisk at the Place de la Concorde: Beyond Contested Space [+]

Archaeological and Contemporary Performance in the Desert Southwest [+] 

The film: Corpus Delecti [+]

Indigenous Digital Media and Traditional Dramaturgy [+]

Sonic Cultures 

Golden Eagle Native American Drum [+]

Excavating the Aural Cultures of Urban Archaeology (text) [+] (audio) [+]

Rave and Religion in the Transhuman Urban [+]

Cockney Rhyming Slang [+]

Found Sound and Detournement: The DJ and Documentary Filmmaker as Archaeologist  [+]

DJ Venus Navigator [+]

Shiva-Nataraja [+]

Visual Anthropologies

Archaeofilm Strategy [+]

Archaeologies of Ethnographic Film on the Columbia Plateau [+]

Las Escuelas de Arte  (Cuban Artschools) [+]

Hydraulic Societies, Hyperspaces, and Vintage Film in Western America [+]

Script Treatment of an Urban Archaeological Adventure [.doc]




Archaeofilms in the Southwest [+]

A Critical History of Anthropological Sciences in the American West [+]

An Archaeology of Supermodernity, an Example from the American West [+]

The Language of Capitalism and Traditional Cultural Places [+]

Religious Lands, Toponyms, and Capitalism in the Far West [+]


AAA Session Bringing the Past into the Present: A Forum on the Ancient One and the Future of Anthropology [+]

Kennewick Man and a Critique of Archaeological Sciences on the Columbia Plateau [+]

La Necrópolis de Cristobal Colón: Being Dead in Public [+]

Fremont Figurines: Corporeality and Communication [+]



The Center for Landscape & Artefact [+]  all photos on this web courtesy of Adam Fish